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“The fact that the Living Water College of the Arts is being set up to provide for the spiritual, personal, intellectual and professional growth of students of the Arts, enabling them to give glory to God through their lives and works, is viewed by me as yet another source of hope for the world.”

- Thomas Cardinal Collins, Archdiocese of Toronto


“The unity of faith and reason is a neglected source of renewal for the arts in contemporary culture, and I applaud your efforts to re-establish the vocation of the artist on these foundations.”

- George Cardinal Pell, Archdiocese of Sydney, Australia


"Living Water College is a tremendous sign that the new springtime of hope is underway. It is a direct response to the instructions of the second Vatican Council that small institutes dedicated to restoration of the Christian arts be established in every region of the world, preferably in each diocese, and when this is not possible, in places accessible to several dioceses…..As the Council Fathers and every Pope since the council have reminded us, the new evangelization will depend in large part on the restoration and development of genuine Christian culture. In Living Water College the Church in Canada has been blessed with an opportunity to make this happen. The richness and orthodoxy of its curriculum, the dedication of its staff, and the establishment of its facilities have come about through much sacrifice. It will soon begin to bear good fruit for countless souls, and for the strengthening of the household of the Lord."

- Michael D. O'Brien, Canadian Painter & Author


“I am an enthusiast for Living Water College, and pray that it will have a solid and bright future. I'd happily volunteer to teach Dante, Chaucer, Old English, Shakespeare, Milton, Donne & co., Flannery O'Connor, Walker Percy, Evelyn Waugh, Graham Greene, C. S. Lewis, Tolkien, Chas. Williams, or whatever, gratis!”

- Thomas Howard, Teacher & Author


"Most people recognize the power that drama and the fine arts have to change the direction of a culture. But it is rare that anyone has the foresight to design a college for the very purpose of educating students in the wise and excellent use of that power. Living Water College of the Arts will therefore fulfill a great need, and it will do so in a way that is both intelligent and creative."

- Sean D. Collins, Tutor Thomas Aquinas College, Santa Paula, California


“Living Water College's course of study is one of the most ambitious liberal arts/fine arts programs in North America. I don't know of another program that so completely attempts to integrate the study of the great books with the development of the artist's craft.”

- Shawn Dougherty, Professor of Drama, Franciscan University of Steubenville


“There are schools which teach art, and then are schools who teach artists to become the art. Living Water College is a rare academy which seeks to recover truth and beauty not only by what we paint, write, or perform, but by the spirit which is behind it. I wholeheartedly support the mission and endeavours of this college.”

- Mark Mallet, Canadian Singer/Songwriter


"In this third millennium culture where the image is everything, the need for Christian men and women artists of all the fields of visual and performing arts is crying out. Beauty will save the world: the beauty of a well-formed intellect, the beauty of grace-filled visual and performing arts shared with a hungry world, the beauty of Faith in Jesus Christ fully developed and lived out. Praise God for Living Water College and for all who, by the grace and mercy of God, have brought it into being."

- Patrick Stewart, Artist