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Living Water College of the Arts hopes to build up to a three-year, degree granting collegiate program which offers training in a variety of fine arts, all integrated with the liberal arts and development of faith.

The success and experience of the operation of the one-year Film Program will determine the exact course and timeline of this full program.


Living Water Plans cut and downsizedFuture Campus

Beyond programming, Living Water is also planning on developing the campus to suitably supply for the growing needs of the students, the instructors, and the administration.

Created through the expertise of Anthony Grumbine (B. Arch. Studies & B.A. Art History, Carleton University; M. Arch, University of Notre Dame), the future campus of Living Water College will provide its community with an inspiring and useful space in which to develop their craft.

Classical architecture, like most of the other Western arts and sciences, has its roots in Ancient Greece and Rome.  It continues to be developed and built upon by subsequent generations of architects, up to the present day.  Great architects like Michelangelo, Palladio, Bernini and Borromini each developed classical architecture that was new to their time, yet deeply rooted in tradition.

It is this same approach that is used in the design of Living Water College.  Steeped in tradition, the campus design aims to express the high aspirations of beauty and faith, as do its artists.  The architecture embodies the philosophy of Living Water College and is meant as an added inspiration to all who participate in this quest to rebuild the arts.