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College Conception

At the beginning of this series of reflections, it will perhaps be best to start with a little story about how the idea for this college was first conceived. By looking back at some of the most significant changes, we hope you will be able to see the logical growth of the college, to envision its future, and even help us to bring it into complete existence by the grace of God.

Over 20 years ago, while working together with young actors, Ken and Marlane Noster became aware of the difficulty of finding a place to study Drama which does not erode your Christian faith. After observing the students from other Drama schools, it became more and more obvious how the Arts in our culture were becoming separated from God and faith. This of course is a crisis for artists who are trying to keep their faith, but even more so for those who have the deep conviction that their art is inseparable from their faith, and even draws its inspiration from God.

It wasn't until 1999 that the definite concept of a Christian Arts college arose, through their conversations with others who were having the same thoughts. How great it would be to found a college where the Arts could be studied in a Christian context. Even more, how great it would be to found a college where the Arts would draw their inspiration from Christ. How great it would be to reclaim the Arts for the Lord! Concrete planning began, and in 2001 the founding board of directors was established.

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