Back to the Roots: Classical Painting and Drawing

A 2011 Course in Review

The Students painting a landscape

When we met the first time, I realized they are beginners... but I can't say after these two weeks that they are beginners. They were sleeping artists. It was inside of them; there was no one in the family, in the surroundings, to wake that artist up...and we, we woke them up!

Bogdan Koral-Konikowski, instructor
One of the students painting the treeline

Back to the Roots: A Program of Classical Drawing and Painting was a great success. Each student created 4 or more pieces of art, some as many as 9, employing a variety of techniques and subjects. Beginning with basic form and line in pencil drawings, the students moved on to do sketch work, grisaille (painting in monochrome with shades of gray), and then on to colour with oil and acrylic. They engaged in still-life studies, and learned self-portrait using Rembrandt technique. The beautiful weather provided ample opportunity for a series of landscape studies.

The group displayed great camaraderie, supporting each other in the classroom through difficult projects and enjoying each other's company in their social time. Coming from a variety of artistic backgrounds, some students had experienced many years of visual art practice and professional instruction, while others were 'self-taught,' and some came equipped only with the desire to try for the first time; to do something they had always wanted to do.

The discussions expanded the students' horizons in terms of seeing where the art fits and how much it is connected to the process of creation. It's not just the manual work, but it's also the creativity of the thoughts.

Izabella Orzelski-Konikowski, instructor

Persistence, long class hours, and the versatile skills of the instructors contributed to excellent progress for each student. Edmonton artists of Polish heritage, Bogdan and Izabella Konikowski, taught as a husband and wife team, bringing together the diversity of their particular styles and techniques. Through a combination of classes and individual instruction, each student was able to concentrate on particular interests while learning general artistic principles. Students were also able to learn from their peers, in what Izabella called 'a perfect field for them to grow.'

Andrew Fuyarchuk arrived from Ontario to lead the community in the liberal arts portion of the program. His classes provided an informed contemporary context from which to view art, medieval thought and aesthetics. Andrew found that the connection helped the students engage more critically about contemporary art and their own work, deepen their understanding of their faith and see the relevance of the truths held by the Catholic Church. The students were able to allow these truths to bear upon their work and come to life in their art. They found these concepts helped them to make direct connections between their readings and their art classes and they were surprised by the extent to which their artwork was enriched.

Students attending daily mass

The spiritual element of the program combined liturgy of the hours and daily Mass as well as opportunity for spiritual direction and Reconciliation into the weave of each day. Students appreciated being able to balance their hard work with opportunities to pause for prayer. They found they could return to their studies refreshed and with new perspectives. Fr. Joseph Goutier provided a prayerful environment and frequent illustrations of the relevance of art and reason with faith.

The program culminated in an art show which gave the greater community, including friends and family of the students, an opportunity to observe the accomplishments achieved during the course. Among the supporters of Living Water College, Federal MP Leon Benoit, congratulated the students on their fine work and contributions to the community. He spent time with each of the students, observing their works and discussing their ideas. Once more, the activity at Living Water came to a close, but the network of students, staff and instructors remain an active community which continues to encourage their work and fuel their inspirations.

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Class Begins Still Life Study Starting With The Drawing (Lydia & Colette Are Instructed By Bogdan) MaryAnne Receives Instruction The Drawing Takes Form Moving To Grisaille Grisaille & Portrait Study Study Continues Andrew, Liberal Arts Instructor Socratic Discussion Intent Conversation Moving To Colour (Izabella, Fine Art Instructor) Enjoying The Next Step Landscaping Begins A Beautiful Day Mariette Lydia Charlene Sr. Yvonne Colette Some Close Ups Back In The Classroom (Babs & Izabella) Ruth Works On A Study Preparing For Portrait In Rembrandt Technique Colette, Working On Her Canvas Charelene Makes Progress Mariette Develops Her Portrait Study Sr. Yvonne Works On Her Madonia Learning To Critique Michael & Bogdan Ruth MaryAnne Continue With Her Portrait Bogdan, Instructor More Protrait Studies Michael Progresses With His Protrait Work Izabella, Fine Arts Instructor Samples Of Students' Success Deacon Ken Noster, President, Address Students At The Closing Banquet Awarding Certificates Of Completion Sr. Yvonne Claire Mass Starts The Closing Event, A Student Art Show Mariette Shows Her Work To Her Daughter Enjoying The Students' Work Babs And Her Art Over 50 Pieces Of New Art Hung From The Walls Dcn. Ken Addresses The Visitors Izabella, Instructor, Gives Her Remarks Andrew, Instructor, Comments On The Program Mariette, Student, Expresses Her Experience Claire, Student, Speaks To The Training She Received Leon Benoit, MLA, Is Welcomed By Dcn. Ken Mr. Benoit Addresses The Students And Visitors Mr. Benoit Discussing MaryAnne'S Work With Her Mr. Benoit Appreciated The Success Of The Students The Visual Art Class & Instructors Of 2011