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Film Program Page HeaderMost film actors and technicians spend an entire career in the industry without having control over the moral or artistic content of their work.  Training is needed for the individuals who create the story of the film: Producers, Directors, and Writers. A good movie begins with an architect who understands why men choose evil or good.  Well formed in technical skills, this architect becomes a formidable film-maker. 

While other schools provide excellent technical training, screenwriters and directors receive little training. Film studies courses and writing workshops usually teach about story and aesthetics from a subjective point of view, even though the all-time best-loved stories are based upon universal truths. Living Water College of the Arts seeks to reunite reason with artistic visual storytelling. Students will be taught to make films that combine right thinking with unbounded creativity, and their work will have a positive impact on the society around us.

The Living Water College Film Program is currently under development and will be launched within a few years. More specifics will be released closer to its commencement.


Benefits of the Program: Portfolio

Student FilmStudents will develop a portfolio during their year at the College. A portfolio provides concrete evidence of the artistic accomplishments of the graduate, providing prospective employers or institutions with tangible insight into the graduate’s skills and creativity.

During their Film-making study, students will have ample opportunity to explore this craft and produce their own works. Samples of these works will be an important component of the portfolio.

Students will have opportunities to work with resident and visiting staff who themselves are professional artists, and a portion of the students’ time will be spent assisting a professional off-campus. Off-campus project samples will form part of the portfolio, as will references by the professionals who have helped tutor and mentor them.


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Why Film?

All arts are important and powerful instruments of expression.  In our present day, the medium of film has not only drawn upon each of the arts but has eclipsed other media in its power and availability.  It exists everywhere, from the big screen to the cell phone, and has proven itself to be an effective avenue for communication. Consequently, the need for powerful films has never been greater.