We are immersed in a culture starved for truth.

Our Mission

Living Water College integrates the Arts with right-thinking and deep faith, so artists can express truth and transform the world.

Faith, Reason, Art


“Because neither right-thinking (reason) nor faith receive respect in the public square of the 21st century, today’s artists struggle, and few find it possible to balance their craft with a healthy intellect and faith.  Gifted individuals should have the opportunity to develop their artistic skills without compromising their faith or right-thinking. Living Water College is the product of a conscious effort to re-integrate the study of art with faith and reason in order to equip artists to fulfill their eminent responsibility of expressing truth and beauty in their Art.”                                                                                             

- Deacon Ken and Marlane Noster


Studying the Arts in a Christian Context


Living Water College of the Arts is a faithfully Catholic institution.

  • Study the Arts without compromising morals or faith.
  • Develop talents in a community of artists
  • Live, learn and grow in Christian community.

Current Campus

Classrooms, dormitories, chapel, library, recording and performance studios, offices, kitchen and cafeteria.