"True Art is made noble by the mind producing it"



Providing an Arts program integrated with Faith and Reason is unknown in our day, for schools teach only part of what an artist requires to become great.  Art schools teach techniques and self expression. Schools of the Liberal Arts teach right thinking through classical texts and Socratic dialogue. Other schools help students learn and practice their faith. It is uncommon to combine all three into one rich study. 


Our Vision is to create a new standard in the formation of Christian Artists who, as vibrant members of the Church, restore greatness and truth to Art.

Arts, Faith, and Reason are the three pillars upon which the college program is built.  Each is unique in itself yet is essential, along with the other two, in producing an excellent Artist.

The best Art grows out of the best stories, and the best stories arise from persons who have integrated their faith and reason while learning the art of expression.  They have grown to understand the human condition and are able to present it to others in compelling form.  The best Artists have a powerful story they want to tell and the skills to be able to do so.

This school trains the whole artist.